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Quality Level Access Showers

Seamlessly sophisticated level access showers 

Engaging Style

The level access shower tray allows perfect integration of your bathroom, giving a seamless look between the main floor and the shower tray. There is no height difference between the tray edge and the floor, offering an ideal solution where users can enter the showering facilities with complete ease. This style of shower tray, provides complete floor level access with no steps or ramps to negotiate and facilitates effortless wheelchair access to the showering area should you need it. Level access shower trays also allow your bathroom to look very contemporary and slick. The level access shower tray allows you to create bespoke solutions as an alternative to a standard wet room, without the need to worry about leaks, due to the innovative sealing solution. Other benefits include easy cleaning, as both off the floor and tray are level.

Our level access shower trays are anti slip, and we can offer you a wide range of sizes as well as colours. In addition, our level access trays are also sustainable, durable, and are produced with natural raw materials.

Planning Your Bathroom

We at London And Surrey Bathrooms want to ensure that you have the perfect bathroom experience. We understand that planning your bathroom can be a demanding task often resulting in poor decisions being made. To help alleviate such problems that may occur or to offer first hand assistance by using our design expertise and our specialist software, we can create a 4D experience that will allow you to physically envision your dream bathroom. We pride ourselves in offering this unique opportunity in helping you plan your bathroom accordingly.

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